This is my very first demo. It was supposed to be also my first release, but I found it too difficult to finish the music, so it waited unfinished for 3/4 of year. First idea and code happened some years ago during the night on FOReVER party when I found quiet free time. Even as the demo is very simple, I learned a lot making it and found it quite enjoyable to program in assembler on Speccy. The efect is a copy of POPSQUARES in Linux's xscreensaver. It is done in very simple way - just a table of addresses of the squares and another table with the colours. Originaly the colours were switched by keys 1 - 4, but MBorik had an idea about automatic switching, so I changed it just before the release. You cannot return from second part just because I was too lazy to do it. There is plenty of free space in memory and whole memory map look awfull. But hey, it worked on second run, so it cannot be too bad, eh?