For some time, I was playing with FLASH - the graphics package for Sam Coupe. When I switched back to Art Studio on the Spectrum, I found out the big difference between the control of this two programs. I tried the ARTIST II then - it was made by the same person (Bo Jangeborg) and the control is pretty similar to FLASH, so I am using it for my drawings.
The Idea for pictures come from all around. Lot of pictures are just re-drawn from the PC wallpapers or logo-inspired, some are inspirations from real life. I am not good in drawing at all, but using attributes lead me to simple pictures. Fifteen colours are maybe not that much, but are enough to draw anything from artistic red spot on black background to great pictures we know from gfx competitions on the parties. I am hiding here my own lack of skills!
Down there is a list of pictures that are used or were in some competition. Feel free to use any gfx placed here if you want!

Dihalt logo - 7th place on DiHalt 2013, Filler - 7th place on 3BM Open Air 2013, Tetris - 9th place on 3BM Open Air 2013